The Integrated 19" 2U power supply is built around the Flatpack2 rectifier and designed for applications such as switchgear, telecom, emergency lighting and alarm systems. Its compact design and simple installation make it a powerful 19" power supply package.The rectifier's wide DC output range makes it suitable for parallel operation with all types of stationary batteries, including lead acid,or nickel cadmium types.

Key Features

- Compact design and simple installation 
- 85-300 VAC or DC Input
- House up to 4 rectifier modules
- 24-125 VDC systems
- Bulk feed output
- Graphical 3.2" TFT high contrast, high resolution color     display for easy navigation in user menu
- Ethernet for remote or local monitoring and control via WEB   Browser
- SNMP protocol with TRAP, SET and GET on Ethernet. Email   of TRAP alarms
- 6 digital programmable relay outputs
- 6 programmable multipurpose inputs ("digital inputs" or   analog signals).

Key Features

- Pre-engineered systems and building blocks
- Easy installation & commissioning
- High efficiency; less power consumption and heat dissipation
- Overall Size and footprint of cabinet: 50% of Thyristor
- Controlled Size
- Modular Hot Plug-in Construction allows
- Redundancy; n+1, n+2… configurations
- Very low MTTR; < 5 minutes
- Very high MTBF > 350000 hours
- Extensive control & alarm functions with remote control   capabilities
- Optional built in VRLA batteries (up to 125VDC)

Flatpack S 24V/3x2kW

Rectiverter Power Core 6kVA 1ph MB

The flexible alarm and monitoring options combined with bulk output, makes this 3U system a superb building block for various industrial applications.. The Flatpack S 3U 3x2kW rack has 3 separate DC systems consisting of 2 redundant rectifiers and 1 controller.

All rectifiers have intelligent selfprotective features like reduced output power at high temperatures or low mains. The Flatpack S 24/1000 SIL3 OVP, has SIL3 on output voltage exceeding 30V. It is capable of handling double fail and has a proof test interval exceeding 15 years.

The Rectiverter power core combines both AC and DC feed into one common unit. Simultaneously it provides AC backup power for 230 VAC or 115 VAC loads, and 48 VDC power for DC loads and battery charging.

The total output power for both AC and DC output is limited to max 8 kW. AC and DC output limits can be set according to the attached load, where the limitation for AC load is set to max 6 kVA and for DC load to max 4,8 kW

Key Features

- Ethernet for remote or local monitoring and control via WEB   Browser
- Ethernet port with HP Auto MDI/MDI-X for detection and   correction for straight-through and crossover cables.   Eliminates confusion whether to use straight cable or   crossover between controller and PC
- SNMP protocol with TRAP, SET and GET on Ethernet. Email   of TRAP alarms
- 3 programmable relay outputs for "traditional" remote   monitoring.
- 3 programmable multipurpose  inputs (temperature, "digital   inputs" or analog signals)
- Comprehensive logging
- Automatic battery monitoring and test
- Battery lifetime indication
- Battery used and remaining capacity (Ah or %) monitoring
- User defined alarm grouping (boolean logic for grouped   alarms)
- 2 x LVD control outputs
- Supporting 12,24 and 48V systems

Key Features

- 230 Or 115 Vac Input/Output
- Single Phase Input/Output
- 48 VDC Input/Output
- 8 Kw Total AC + DC Output
- Max 6 kVA AC Output
- Max 4,8 kW DC Output
- 1 Pole AC Distribution Option
- 2 Pole AC Distribution Option
- Built In Manual Bypass Switch
- Built In Transfer Technology
- 150% Overload Capability, 15s
- 600% Quick Trip Current, 20Ms
- Hot Pluggable
- Smartpack 2 Controller
- Can Operate In Parallel With Flatpack2 Rectifiers
- Global Compliance
- Patented HE Technology

Flatpack2 48V HE

Micropack System

Since setting the new standard for rectifier efficiency, the Flatpack2 HE family is now available in a variety of voltages and power ratings, all with efficiency up to 96.5%. 

With more than 4 billion in-field operating hours and a proven cumulative field MTBF of more than 1,9 million hours, Flatpack 2 HE is the only HE (High Efficiency) rectifier with a proven track record.

Key Features

- High Efficiency (up to 96.5 %) even at low load
- Proven reliability (MTBF 2,5 million hours)
- High Power Density
- Application flexibility, 2 - 192 kW
- Efficiency Upgrade Kits
- Accepts DC input (DC/DC Converter
- Patented High Efficiency Technology

The Micropack System is convection cooled, designed for less power hungry applications, but still with system functionality options to match any requirements. Use as stand alone or in a flexible off the shelf configurable system.
The Micropack Power System extends your network one step further. With load ranges typically between 120W and 1000W, and in 12, 24 and 48V options, the system is perfect for a great variety of applications.

Key Features

- Compact and shallow (149 mm deep) 

- Din rail mountable                                                          - On-site configurable                                                           - Off the shelf delivery

- Stand-alone option                                                  

- Accepts DC input (DC/DC converter)                                  - 12, 24-30, 48 VDC output versions

12, 24, 48, 60, 110, 125, 220, 380VDC Rectifiers

Eltek is a world leader in high-efficiency power electronics and energy conversion. As a global corporation, Eltek has customers in more than 100 countries across a variety of industries including telecom, rail and infrastructure, power generation, power distribution and  solar energy. Eltek is a power pioneer with over 40 years experience helping customers save energy and money while reducing their environmental impact. Eltek is headquartered in Drammen, Norway and became part of Delta Group in 2015, a leading power and thermal management provider.

Flatpack2 Systems

Flatpack2 IBB System

The IBB Power systems and building blocks are built around our Flatpack2 rectifier and designed for applications as switchgear, telecom, emergency lighting, alarm systems etc.

The power core is prepared for any Flatpack2 rectifier module and depending on the rectifier choice the system output can be either of the following: 
- 24V/40 - 300A, 48V/15 - 300A, 60V/15 - 266A
- 110V/10 - 134A, 125V/10 - 128A, 220V/5 – 73A

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