Typical Applications

- PQ monitoring at HV, MV and LV Utility Substations
- Data Centers, Semiconductor Fabs, Heavy Industries
- 7x24 Automated Manufacturing Facilities
- Dip/Swell. Transient, Flicker and Disturbance monitoring
- Mains and critical feeder monitoring
- Substation automation with IEC 61580 protocol
- Retrofit applications with optional Class 1 Split-Core Current Probes

Power Quality Monitor

CET is a leading vendor of Energy Management System and provides complete solutions for energy management & power quality monitoring for the commercial, industrial and utility markets.
CET supplies high quality yet economical Energy Management Solutions which include Digital Power and Energy Meters, PQ Monitors, Ethernet-to-RS485 Gateways, Smart RTUs with embedded Modbus Mastering and Logging as well as intelligent Energy Management Systems that cater to a wide range of industries and applications since 1993.

Typical Applications

- Class 0.2S Revenue Metering
- Power quality monitoring of main incomer or critical feeder
- Waveform recording at 256 samples per cycle
- Extensive logging capability with 4MB on-board memory
- Utility, industrial and commercial metering
- Substation, building and factory automation
- Low, medium and high voltage applications
- Analog meter replacement
- I4 monitoring



Typical Applications

- HV, MV and LV distribution substations at critical customers
- Data Centers, Semiconductor Fabs, Heavy Industries and 7x24 automated manufacturing facilities
- Dips, Swells, Transients, Harmonics and Flicker monitoring
- Main incomer and critical feeder monitoring
- IEC61850 support for Substation Automation and Smart Grid


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