Energy Saving Fan Solution

Our products and services begin with high quality energy saving products combine our core areas of expertise to use air and movement as efficiently as possible. We can serve our fan retrofit to suit specific application with better efficiency levels. In combination with intelligent electronics, drive technology and aerodynamics are perfectly matched to create a system solution.

EC Fan

What is EC Motor?

  • EC is “Electronically Commutated”

  • Brushless thus no dust & Variable speed control

  • Compact direct drive  & external rotor

  • Synchronous

  • Lower noise

  • Soft start

  • Permanent magnet

  • Wide voltage range for 1~AC or 3~AC

  • High efficiency of motor including electronics of up to 90%

  • Control system from a single source


  • Plug and Play

  • Built in Integrated PFC, motor  protection, soft start

  • Direct AC main supply but electronics convert AC to DC

  • Master or slave options

  • Suitable for 50, 60Hz system and wide voltage range

EC Fan.png

Distinct features

EC Fan3.png

•Aerodynamics of impeller, reduce turbulence thus noise.

•Integrated electronics filter reduce electronics  noise.

•Harmonics are kept below 35% with PFC.

•Synchronous motor.

•Maintain high static efficiency with at low speed.

•2 plane balancing, G6.3 or better.

•External rotor construction aids cooling.

•Components are optimize for each other.

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